Calspeed Kart Track Film Shoot

Some down and dirty racing.

Recently I traveled to the Calspeed Kart Track in Fontana California to shoot my next short film.  After arriving on a rain soaked track, the weather dried up quickly.  It was my first time shooting Go Karts, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I did find was a proud group of dedicated racing enthusiasts.  This particular race was a qualifying race for a wide variety of age ranges.  There were 5 year olds all the way up to seniors!

As with my Air Show film last November, I was eager to test out my AF100 on fast moving vehicles.  And I’m proud to say, that it held up amazingly.  I used my 80-200mm Nikon telephoto lens, 28-70 Tokina and my 16mm 2.1 Zeiss standard speed wide angle lens.  In addition I used my Small HD DP6 for focus and framing, My Sachtler FSB6 Tripod and my Kessler Cineslider.

Me framing my next shot.

Overall, everyone at the race track was amazingly camera friendly!  Quite often, it can be difficult to find cooperative people when you’re shooting video with children involved.  But all of the parents were so proud of their kids they were excited for me to shoot them.  Everyone seemed to act pretty natural around the camera and ignore it.  Which, is what I prefer.  My goal is always to capture an event in the most natural light possible.  When people are able to be themselves, that’s when I’m able to get the best images.  I couldn’t have hoped for more friendly, warm and inviting people.

Sometimes, people naturally pose in better ways than you can direct them.

My finished film is being color graded, and I hope to have it up before the end of the week.  My thanks to Jerry Henderson at Henderson Karting Experience, everyone at Calspeed Kart Track, and my friend Michael Derbigny for the great photos.

Check out Calspeed Karting’s awesome site:

Jerry Henderson’s site:


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  1. Cris Araujo says:

    Hi Jon,

    Amazing kart video, it looks great!!! I’m the one behind Jerry in your website photo and I was wondering if I can get Michael Derbigny’s information from you to see if he has any good photos of me so I can purchase it.

    thank you!!


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